Lansingburgh Church delivering donated items to Puerto Rico

Lansingburgh Church delivering donated items to Puerto Rico (WRGB)

LANSINGBURGH (WRGB) - The Pentecostal Church of God in Lansingburgh is delivering donated items to Puerto Rico, to help people affected by Hurricane Maria.

Over the weekend, dozens of Capital Region residents dropped off items like water, canned goods, diapers, baby formula, and more. There were so many donations, they filled a 53-foot truck.

"It made me feel great because I saw the love," Pastor Miguel Estrada said. "When there's a tragedy people get together and help out as one man and one person, and that's awesome to see."

Pastor Estrada said community members came up with the idea to collect donations, because many of them have family members in Puerto Rico.

"[They were] scared and sad and they got together and said 'Pastor lets do something for them' so we started, and my wife coordinated this, and wow, it was a flood of donations." Pastor Estrada said.

He says the help won't start here.

"Whichever way, whichever area that we need to do something for, we are more than glad to do it." Pastor Estrada said.

The church delivered the items to the National Guard in Albany Monday morning.

They'll help deliver the items to Puerto Rico.

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