Local gun show organizer supports bill that would loosen restrictions on silencers

Local gun show organizer supports bill that would loosen restrictions on silencers (WRGB)

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (WRGB)---The same week as the Las Vegas shooting, the house is getting ready to take up a bill in Washington that would loosen decades-old restrictions on gun silencers, a device critics say could be used in a mass shooting to make it difficult to tell where gunfire is coming from.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand D- New York spoke out against the legislation Monday.

“It's a stupid idea, and it's entirely supported by gun manufacturers to make money,” Gillibrand said.

Congressman Paul Tonko- D New York, also spoke out against the bill.

I’m strongly opposed to any measure that makes it easier for a shooter to acquire a silencer, we don’t need to further endanger law enforcement and make mass shooting more deadly.

A local gun show organizer is speaking out in favor of the bill. He's gearing up for a firearms show happening this weekend. He explained to CBS 6’s Anne McCloy why he feels more gun control won't stop mass shootings.

David Petronis has been watching coverage of the Las Vegas shooting very closely.

“We were crying, it's just one of those things that shouldn’t happen,” Petronis said.

The local gun show organizer and collector expects to have held 30 gun shows in the Northeast by the end of the year, including one this weekend in Manchester, Vermont.

He supports the federal legislation that would loosen restrictions on silencers, a device used to lessen the noise produced by a gunshot. He says silencers are commonly used in target practice, but are illegal in New York.

“I am for silencers for the shooting sport. It’s protective on your ears, you know the crack of a gun going off is intense, so you wear ear plugs, muffs, or use a silencer,” Petronis said.

He explained to Anne why he feels outlawing silencers would not prevent a mass shooting.

“If you're bent on doing this, you're going to be able to do it, law or no law,” Petronis said.

Petronis says he wants gun violence to end, but tells me he feels laws will not stop criminals.

The legislation dealing with silencers is expected to go to the house floor sometime this week, the bill was delayed in June because of the shooting at the congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

Silencers have been heavily regulated by the federal government for eight decades.

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