Local security expert discusses Yahoo hack impact

Image Courtesy: MGN Online

Thievery on an unprecedented scale.

1/7th of the world's population - squarely in the sights of online hackers.

It's the second time internet heavyweight Yahoo has been breached recently, with both those hacks - setting records for sheer numbers.

Mike Stamas with Greycastle Security says typically the root cause of a cyber breach is a bad decision made by a human being.

That's why Stamas says it's critical to be aware of what information you're giving out to third parties.

According to CBS News, Yahoo says the information stolen may include names, email addresses, phone numbers, as well as security questions and answers

The company is also claiming there's a common thread between the attack that was disclosed today, and another released in September, that one targeting 500-million users.

"What usually happens in these hacks, especially with breaches of this size, the information is sold on the black market, cyber criminals mostly overseas purchase that information and try to find ways to leverage that stolen information to make money. Whether it's identity theft, creating accounts, applying for mortgages and credit cards, there's literally thousands of ways this information can be used to make returns on that investment," said Stamas.

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