Ex-girlfriend of missing woman's husband charged with misleading police

BERKSHIRE COUNTY, Mass. (WRGB) -- Savanah Ringer, the 19-year-old daughter of 39-year-old Joanne Ringer, stood by at a Friday news conference as investigators formally announced an arrest in the case of her missing mother.

“I'd rather know what happened than nothing at all,” Ringer said.

42-year-old Laura Reilly was arraigned on three counts of ‘Misleading a Police Officer’ in the disappearance of Ringer, who was last seen March 2nd. Investigators say Reilly used to have a romantic relationship with the missing woman's husband, Chad Reidy. In early April, Reidy's body was found in the couple's garage. Investigators believe he killed himself.

Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless said Friday his office is now treating the case as a homicide investigation, but say at this point Reidy is still their only suspect.

“He has been the suspect from the start,” Capeless said.

Right now, Reilly is only charged with hampering the police investigation. According to court documents, authorities obtained text messages between Reidy and Reilly that led investigators to believe quote "Reilly used her vehicle to transport Reidy" from where the victim's car was found in Easthampton, back to his house in Clarksburg, about a 50 mile drive. The court records say investigators believe Reidy moved the missing woman’s car to Easthampton in an effort to throw off investigators.

The district attorney and Ringer's family are now asking the public to report if they saw Reilly, Reidy, Ringer or any of their vehicles March 2nd or 3rd.

Authorities have already been looking in the woods around Ringer's home in Clarksburg for remains. They are asking the public *not* to go out and search, but are asking hunters to be aware of the case.

Ringer’s car is described as a green 1999 Volkswagon Jetta with Connecticut registration 5AAEX2.

Authorities provided photos of both Reilly and Reidy’s cars.

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