Mayor Yepsen won't seek re-election

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SARATOGA SPRINGS -- In a letter to the citizens of the city, Mayor Joanne Yepsen announces she will not seek re-election.

Yepsen said she needs to focus full-time on city projects such as completing the Unified Development Ordinance, bringing the Geyser Road Trail to the point of construction, and bringing in two affordable housing initiatives, as well as supporting human rights for all. With that in mind, she said, she will not seek re-election so she can spend her remaining seven months in office working on those tasks.

The mayor described the job as requiring 80-plus hours a week, and said she cannot afford to keep doing that job at the position's current, part-time, $14,000 salary. She cautioned that the part-time salary might close the door to others who might serve the city well.

In closing, she endorsed Deputy Mayor Meg Kelly's candidacy for the position.

Yepsen has served the community for eight years as County Supervisor, and three and a half years as Mayor of Saratoga Springs.

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