Mechanicville residents still dealing with water woes

Mechanicville residents still dealing with water woes (WRGB)

MECHANICVILLE , NY (WRGB)--In Mechanicville, a boil water order is still in effect more than a week after it was issued.

Some city residents say they are frustrated, tired of living off bottled water and say they want a resolution.

"The water is terrible, you take a shower, it's brown, for the last two weeks I got four dogs I got to keep boiling water for them so they don't get sick," said Bill Stockwell of Mechanicville.

The State Department of Health tells us the issue the city is dealing with is turbidity -- or cloudiness.

It happened as a result of heavy rain this season that stirred up sediment in the reservoir that the city uses for its water supply.

The state says it's working with the city to get the water back on track and that there is improvement each day.

DOH says bacteria testing of the water has come back negative.

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