Million Dollar Beach open, but E. coli source still unidentified

The DEC announced the Million Dollar Beach in Lake George would open late Saturday afternoon.

LAKE GEORGE -- Million Dollar beach in Lake George reopened Saturday evening after the state had closed it for swimming Friday. DEC workers were at the beach getting samples Saturday morning along with some people who were disappointed to only be able to walk on the sand - but not get their toes wet.

"It's sad, seeing it empty is just unfortunate."

A bare beach just outside the village of Lake George - again.

"The problem is with the contamination..."

Million Dollar beach faced delayed opening for the second time this month, as the Department of Environmental Conservation tested the water for high E. coli levels.

"As far as I know they haven't found the source of the contamination so it's likely to keep occuring randomly,” village resident Ken Getherd said.

Getherd says the strip of beach is usually packed in the summer - and he thinks if contamination issues continue, people will find other beaches to swim at.

"I guess local businesses will be affected to a degree,” Getherd said.

The DEC calls delaying the beach opening an act of "abundance of caution." The same issue arose last summer, and the DEC says officials are working diligently to "identify and eliminate the source of e-coli in the waters."

"Here we are 10 months later and it's still closed, it's pretty bad, I want them to get to the bottom of it," resident Seth Harris said.

The DEC sampled water Saturday morning, and re-opened the beach for swimming the same evening.

But the recurrence of the issue is leaving many with questions.

"The fact that it's so close to my house, I tend to wonder what is causing this,” Harris said. “How far reaching is this problem, does it affect private swimming areas that don't test daily for E. coli?"

The DEC says it’s still looking for the source - and say water sampling will be done

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