Momentive employees prepared to strike through the holidays

"We were out here on Thanksgiving, we'll be here for Christmas,” said Momentive employee Michael Prince.

Instead of gathering around the tree with their families on Christmas, Momentive employees on strike in Waterford will be huddled around a burn barrel in the bitter cold.

"You just want to make sure that you don't let your family see that side of it you know, my daughter doesn't need to know the hardships that we're going through right now. We just continue to try and keep the same facade up at home while we're out here, but yeah, I worry about it. She's 11 and there's certain things she wants and you've got to scratch to get them,” said Momentive Employee Kevin Alderman.

Tuesday marks day 48 of the strike, and workers say all they want this Christmas is to reach a deal.

"We're just looking to get back to our jobs you know, back to our lives. We don't want to be out here anymore than that. I've been here 30 years, I've dedicated a lot of time here, I don't want to be bitter about that but it hurts,” explained Momentive Employee Brian Mallory.

Employees have been outside the facility in the bitter cold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fighting for what they say is a fair contract that includes keeping pensions and healthcare for retirees.

"You know that's very important in a chemical plant, I would think!” Prince said.

Mallory added, "I've been sucking up these fumes for 30 years, I might need this healthcare!"

A spokesperson for Momentive says at this point, there are no updates on the status of negotiations - but strikers say they're not giving up.

"I think they thought that we would break, especially coming into the holidays, but we're only getting stronger every day,” Alderman said.

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