New movie being filmed at Albany International Airport

New movie being filmed at Albany International Airport (WRGB)

COLONIE, NY (WRGB)--Lights, wardrobes, airplanes.

"Right now we have the film "Departures" being filmed here in Albany at the airport," said Film Commissioner of Albany Deborah Goedeke.

Goedeke says the director and producers came to her looking for a location.

"Basically what they said is they wanted something convenient, something that they could have access to, easy access to and I think that's that's part of our claim to fame here in Albany," she said.

Inside the airport travelers aren't effected,

Other than the third floor observation level closed, and that's where we found one of the stars- Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams making her way up the stairs.

Passengers are excited to possibly catch a glimpse.

"I think it's really cool! I've always liked game of thrones and I'm excited to maybe see a celebrity on a very mundane trip home," said Ariella Markowitz.

"I think that's really cool. Especially down here here in Upstate New York we don't get a lot of attention up here," said James Hill.

"Here in Albany? Wow! Really!," said Laura Swensen.

Actually Goedeke says filming in the area is more common than you might think, and that more is on the way.

"We just finished up with James Franco's "The Pretenders, in the Fall, we have this, "Departures," we have a couple others in the hopper that I'm not at liberty to speak about, said Goedeke.

Other stars of "The Departures," include Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries and Dave Koechner of Anchorman.

Other than at the airport, you might not see them out in public because we're told most of the movie is being done in the Hudson Valley, and they are driving up to our area each day.

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