Capital Region cleaning up after Thursday's storms

Strong storms brought heavy wind gusts to the region -- and toppled trees, power lines, and more.

"Oh yeah the house next to me has a tree through the garage!"

It was a storm that turned the north country upside down - from trees and power lines, to trucks and roofs. Queensbury resident Jason Cross says he's never seen anything like it.

"It was just this constant roar of thunder nonstop. My wife was like 'it won't stop!' The glass was shattering, we have four cats and two dogs and they were running and scattering, and that's when I told my boys to get the basement."

Jason's 13 year old son Logan added, "I was like 'oh my God! Is a tree about to crash into our house? What's going to happen?'"

Before heading below ground for cover, Logan watched as a bolt of lightning struck a tree in his neighbor's yard.

"There was just this big flash of blue and it was scary," he said.

The Cross family and their neighbor's have their hands full with clean up, and they're not alone. Many in both Queensbury and Kingsbury are dealing with destruction.

"We've seen thunderstorms before and the power go out but this was the worst I think this town has ever seen," said Jason's son Ryan.

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