19-year-old Clifton Park man wins $1 million on scratch-off ticket


BALLSTON, N.Y. -- A young man from Clifton Park just won a million dollars on a $10 scratch-off ticket at a local Stewart's Shop.

The 19-year-old Saratoga County native accepted his million dollar check and told us, he credits his aunt and a very nice friend for his big win.

Anthony Iavarone is New York’s newest millionaire. The 19-year-old is a self-employed landscaper.

He won the top prize on a scratch-off ticket purchased at the Stewart’s on Route 50 and Northline Road in Ballston Spa.

“I thought it was a dream I didn’t think it was real. It’s definitely real now,” Iavarone said.

Iavarone won on the $10 Cashword puzzle, and the funny thing is, he never actually stepped foot in the Stewart's Shop -- on a whim he says he asked his friend to pick him up a ticket.

“One of my friends was coming down here to get some drinks, so I asked him to get me a ticket,” Iavarone said.

The reason he asked for this kind of scratch-off he says, his lucky aunt.

"My aunt has been playing the same ticket for years. She usually has a little bit of good luck, a little money here and there. She has a little luck, I figured I would too."

He already has plans for what to do with the money -- expanding his landscaping business, and buying a new truck. He doesn’t plan to stop working, either. Not even for today, he went back to work Friday after the news conference.

He’ll take home $661,800 after taxes.

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