Official: Tree falls on contractor at Union College

Official: Tree falls on contractor at Union College. (Photo: WRGB) 

SCHENECTADY, NY (WRGB)---An uprooted tree on the Union College campus sent a painting contractor to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

It happened just before 1 p.m. while the contractor was working near Silliman Hall.

Silliman Hall is an administrative building that houses employees in the Registrar’s Office, Finance and Environmental Services.

A campus spokesperson says Schenectady police and fire were on the scene, and the man was airlifted to Albany Med.

There is no word on his name or condition.

Students on campus were alerted by text message, also being told power had been temporarily cut off.

"I walked by and I heard that the tree fell. I just came out to see what it looked like, and I was concerned because I also heard that someone got hurt. So I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay and that no one was going to be seriously injured," said student Corey Henry.

Check back for updates.

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