Officials cite old pipes for string of water main breaks


CAPITAL REGION -- "Unexpected, unknown break."

A lengthy repair project at the hands of these crews in Loudonville - a water main break they say proved to be a challenge.

"This job was more difficult than many because of how deep the water main is and how wet the soil conditions are,” water engineer Daniel Seaver said.

This is the second break this week -- another one just up the road on Monday morning. Seaver references the pipes' age.

"This water main was part of the first extension of the Latham water district, so it was installed in 1931."

Town officials have the same reasoning over in Bethlehem, where a water main break was repaired this morning. The commissioner of public works there tells us those pipes date back between the 30s’ and the 50’s.

Back here in Colonie, this specific pipe has been on the town's five-year capital plan, with the likelihood it will be replaced and complete by Spring 2018. But they say these breaks can happen spontaneously, at any time of the year.

"A lot of things cause water main breaks, it's age of the pipes and rusting, corrosion,” Seaver said. "It's more aging infrastructure and his buried infrastructure we can't see needing to be replaced."

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