Only On 6: ‘Dancing Farmer’ starts worldwide event for peace

Only On 6: ‘Dancing Farmer’ starts worldwide event for peace (WRGB)

SHARON SPRINGS -- Most days, Jay Lavery will dance alone in his barn.

This time, the whole world's invited.

The ‘dancing farmer’ is back again, with a half dozen songs, a live streaming camera, a captive audience, and a cause.

Lavery gathered friends in his barn—and across the globe, asking people to record themselves dancing at the same moment Monday. It’s what Jay calls ‘Dance United for Peace.’

"You can go down the road of negativity, or you can be positive,” Lavery said.

If I can do it—I'm just a goat farmer—anyone can do this,” he continued.

The response was overwhelming. Within minutes, videos came pouring in from around the world.

Lavery says he'll be back with another dance next winter.

In the meantime, you can post videos of your dances by going to Jay’s Facebook page.

You can watch his full broadcast from his barn here.

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