Only on 6: Exclusive look inside Mohawk Harbor, details on new riverfront amphitheater


CBS 6 was invited to take a boat tour of the development going up right next to the Rivers Casino, until now, a view only seen by the builders themselves.

David Buicko is a name-to-know in Schenectady. Buicko is the President and CEO of Galesi Group, which developed the Rivers Casino, and these days he's doing a lot of his work by boat.

“There will be nothing like this is the Capital District,” Buicko said.

Buicko invited CBS 6’s Anne McCloy aboard his pontoon boat, for an exclusive look inside the harbor he says will change this region forever. The Mohawk harbor is private property. Until now only a handful of people have been allowed in by boat. Buicko says building the harbor alone cost more than $10 million.

The walls, he says, were made overseas.

“The walls were made in Europe, we couldn’t find anyone in the U.S. to do them, they go down about 65 feet,” Buicko said.

Going in at the center of the harbor, an entertainment venue only a few people know about. One of the hidden gems of the project is the amphitheater set to open by the end of summer 2017, with seating for 400, right on the river.

“We’re doing a visitor center there as well,” Buicko said.

Next to the stage, another place Buicko says will attract people region-wide. The Riverhouse, 206 apartments, overlooking the river and a waterfront pool. The ground floor has restaurants, stores and a massive patio that can hold at least 100 people. Buicko says 50 boats will be able to dock at the site, some public, some private. Buicko says The Riverhouse is slated to open Aug 1, with 50 residents already leased-in.

“There's one bedrooms, lofts, studios and 2-bedroom dens,” Buicko said.

A handful of buyers will have a chance to own a piece of this real estate. The framework is already in for 15 townhouses going up on the site. We're told they'll be move-in ready by the end of the year, and are up for sale. The last piece of this creation, now 7 years in the making.

“$480 million combined cost, it’s enough to take a deep breath for a second and see where we go,” Buicko said.

Druthers Brewing Company, one of the big-name tenants at the site, is expected to open at the end of summer.

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