Police: 4 arrested in connection to narcotics in Mechanicville

Photo: Mechanicville Police.

MECHANICVILLE, NY (WRGB) - Police in Mechanicville have arrested 4 over the weekend.

Police say 41 year old Lisa McMahon was charged with one count of criminal sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of possession. Also arrested was Cassandra Brackley, 25, of Mechanicville. She's charged with 2 counts of possession and 2 counts of sale of controlled substance.

Also arrested were Chad Alonzo, 32 and Michael Morey, 32 of Stillwater. Both men are facing drug possession and criminal sale of a controlled substance charge, say police.

Police say all 4 individuals are currently incarcerated in the Saratoga County Jail awaiting arraignment. This investigation is ongoing and other arrests are expected, say police.

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