Police: Albany man arrested, accused of possessing fake currency

Police: Albany man arrested, accused possessing fake currency (Photo: Bethlehem Police) 

BETHLEHEM, NY (WRGB) Police have arrested an Albany man, accused of attempting to use a fake $20 bill at a gas station.

Police say, Marquis Dixon, 20, was arrested after they were alerted by someone at the the Petrol Gas Station in Glenmont, that a suspect had passed a counterfeit twenty dollar bill to obtain merchandise and receive real money as change.

Dixon was charged with one felony count of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the first degree, and one misdemeanor count of Petit Larceny.

Marquis Dixon made headlines almost a year ago after being granted youthful offender status after originally being sentenced to 9 years in prison. His sentence was lessened to 1 to 3 years.

Dixon was found guilty of first degree robbery back in 2014. Prosecutors say he lured another teen to a McDonald's parking lot in Albany after answering the boy's online ad selling a pair of sneakers. The victim said Dixon flashed a handgun and then took off with the shoes.

He was again arrested in May of 2017, accused of threatening someone with a knife at his Albany home.

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