Court: Mother of 8-yr-old severely injured in pit bull attack, has been charged

Court: Mother of 8-yr-old severely injured in pit bull attack, has been charged (WRGB)

UPDATE: CBS6 has confirmed through court records that Jasmine Tirado has been charged with one count of possessing a dangerous dog.

She is due back in court Thursday at 10:00 AM

Police say they're still investigating whether the dog was provoked when it attacked her eight-year-old son last week.

Tirado was jailed five years ago when her dogs got out and mauled a woman in Schenectady.

AMSTERDAM -- Amsterdam Police say they will likely charge the mother of an 8-yr-old boy who was attacked by the family pit bull.

Police say the dog ripped the skin from the little boy's throat and the child's mom 27-yr-old Jasmine Tirado lost part of her finger trying to save him, but police say Tirado will likely go in front of a judge for what happened because of her past when it comes to owning aggressive animals.

“It’s more than likely she will be charged,” Sgt. Carl Rust said.

Amsterdam Police say they expect to charge Tirado with possessing a dangerous animal.

The dog police say was involved in the attack is seen on video in the family's back yard.

Police say the 4-yr-old pit bull mix attacked Tirado's 8-year-old son Wednesday leaving him in serious condition with injuries to his throat.

“It's not common for a family pet to react this way,” Rust said.

Sgt. Rust says their investigation is still in its preliminary stages. He said investigators haven't interviewed Tirado and can't interview the injured boy, because he's sedated in the hospital.

He says officers will likely bring an initial charge against Tirado because of her history with pets.

“I think they're basing this charge on several instances where she was talked to, our Animal Control has talked to her in the past about the behavior of her dogs,” Rust said.

Six years ago, Tirado spent 19 days in Schenectady County Jail for a separate case involving aggressive pit bulls.

In 2011, three of Tirado's pit bulls got loose and attacked a 58-yr-old woman. The dogs involved in the 2011 case were put down.

Amsterdam Police say they're looking at the old case for possible connections between what happened then, and what happened this week to Tirado's son. Investigators say they'll also investigate whether this dog was trained to act aggressively.

Tirado's home is plastered with signs that say the property has surveillance cameras.

Police say they plan to check that video to find out how the attack happened.

“Evidence is being gathered as we speak and a conclusion will come Monday or Tuesday of next week,” Rust said.

Police say based on their findings Tirado could face additional charges.

Based on the charge they now expect to file, a judge could order Tirado be banned from having dogs.

As of Thursday, the dog involved in Wednesday's attack was being quarantined at Tirado's house.

We spoke to neighbors who were concerned the animal would get out and attack someone else.

The Montgomery SPCA Shelter Manager Anthonio Baker says his shelter only takes in aggressive animals if it's an owner surrender, or if a judge rules the dog can't be at an owner’s home.

“It's up to the owner's discretion if they want to do the 10-day quarantine at their residence,” Baker said.

Police tell us the county health department and animal control allowed the quarantine to happen at Tirado's home because it was behind two enclosures.

Today, when we visited Tirado's home, the dog was no longer in the back yard enclosure.

We asked police where the dog is being housed tonight, but haven't heard back.

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