Positively Upstate: Raising money for hurricane victims

Positively Upstate: Raising money for hurricane victims (WRGB)

AVERILL PARK, NY (WRGB)--10-year-old Meg Schwenke, holding little sister Emma, and alongside good friend Ella Conlee, are three girls determined to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

And almost 2,000 miles between Averill Park and Houston wasn't going to stop them.

"I really wanted to do something to help, even though I really didn't know anyone down there. I thought of a bottle drive," said Schwenke.

So, Meg asked the community to drop off any bottles or cans to be redeemed at the Six Cents Redemption Center.

Money collected would go to the Salvation Army helping in Texas.

"From what I saw on TV it looked really bad. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone I know," said Emma Schwenke.

All on her own , Meg, a student at Miller Hill Elementary, got the support of her school's PTA and a spot at the town wide garage sale September 16th and 17th.

She distributed fliers to get the word out.

People constantly brought in bottles and they brought in a lot of bottles when they did.

SUV's and truck beds full, the girls and drive volunteers sorted and labeled all 4,000 plus bottles and cans .. for two whole days in 90-degree heat

"Meg had a goal of $85. We thought maybe we'd get $100. We never, never expected over $300," said mother Liz Schwenke.

"It meant a lot that we raised that much. I was like, so surprised. Me and Meg were going crazy because we were so happy about that ," said Ella Conlee.

Now bottle drive pro's ... Meg, Ella and Emma say they want to do another next year for a different cause.

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