Quick-changing temperatures spawning potentially hazardous conditions

Bryan Viggiani says the NYS Department of Transportation is doing a flood watch, and checking storm drains.

With temperatures quickly changing, many agencies are working to prevent flooding in the Capital Region - and others are getting ready for the icy conditions the roads may be in on Saturday.

"The problem that we have is an increase in temperatures in the last couple days after a nasty freeze," Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said Friday.

"With this warm thaw, some of the rivers are going to start to shift and the ice will be breaking up, and streams and flowing water could cause jams under bridges."

Apple notes trouble spots like the Normanskill Preserve in Albany County - he says the department has informally activated its emergency management unit to monitor flood spots. Other agencies have their feelers out too.

"We're keeping an eye on run off, flooding concerns..."

We spoke with Department of Transportation spokesperson Bryan Viggiani.

"We've got some crews out that are doing flood watch so they're driving around looking at bridges, really looking to see if the water is rising to the level where there's a concern," Viggiani said.

Both the DOT and the Sheriff's Department cite storm drains as well.

"A lot of ice is packed on those storm drains."

Sheriff Apple says it's important to make sure they're clear of debris or ice chunks to make sure melting snow and additional rain drains - and it's important to clear fire hydrants as well.

But as we head into below-freezing temperatures Friday night, another concern is freezing roads. The DOT says crews will monitor icy conditions overnight.

"What we'll do is our overnight crew, that comes on around 12:30 or 1 o'clock, they'll keep an eye on the weather, if it does get into a freezing situation we will run out and basically lay down some rock salt," Viggiani said.

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