Record flu numbers cause confusion over flu-like viruses.


ALBANY, NY (WRGB ) Even with record breaking numbers of flu infections in New York State this season, doctors say there are other diseases that can masquerade as the virus.

"In the winter when its mixed up with the flu some people with a severe case of adenovirus can mimic the flu,” Dr. Jim Saperstone.

Saperstone says one of those imposters is Adenovirus, which can have flu-like symptoms. But Saperstone says unlike the flu, Adenovirus isn't seasonal and it doesn't have a vaccine.

"Adenovirus causes similar symptoms but they're less severe than the flu in most cases," Saperstone says.

The Center for Disease Control says some of the most common symptoms of adenovirus are a fever, a sore throat and pink eye, and it can be transmitted through contact and in the air by coughing.

Saperstone says if you have the flu, you'll know it based on how severe your symptoms are.

"You're extremely achey, light bothers you. You have a high fever, it's sort of like having a cold on steroids," Saperstone says.

Saperstone says there are several different ways to diagnose the flu: Through a blood test and by tracking symptoms.

"You don't need a blood test to confirm the flu it is an outlying illness and you're wiped out,” Saperstone says.

CBS News has reported that other states have shortages of flu testing kits,

But the New York health department has not reported any shortages of its own.

For the CDC’s breakdown of the flu, click on the link below.

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