Residents worried someone may be killing protected geese in Albany pond

Residents in the area of Buckingham Pond are concerned someone may be killing protected geese in the pond.

ALBANY -- Bright-colored signs caught Shanna Graham’s attention.

“It’s actually the first thing that I saw,” Graham said.

The urgent warnings are about a man who may be harming the innocent birds of Buckingham Pond at night.

Animal lover Allen Woolf takes his dog to the pond to play and found the signs concerning.

“I’m hoping they found it dead and just took it out, because if they killed it that's disgusting,”

The signs are the result of a strange incident last Friday. Pond caretaker Jack Almy says a woman in the park alerted him about a man bothering a goose nest.

“The girl said, ‘He’s over there poking it with a stick’,” Almy said.

When Almy approached the man he says he saw he was carrying a dead goose. Almy says the young man claimed to work for Albany's Department of General Services, where Almy himself is an employee. Things weren't making sense.

“He said we come here and gather all these geese up because people complain they poop, and he said he takes them down to Albany to butcher them,” Almy said.

Almy says he alerted police, who put out this notice to the Buckingham Lake Neighborhood Association. A concerned resident then put up the signs, with the description of the man and his red pick-up truck, which Almy says had with the words ‘DGS Wildlife’ written on it.

Albany Police say they've only received one report of this nature, and are investigating to determine whether this was something innocent, or something illegal.

Canada Geese are federally protected. Killing one without permission is a serious crime.

People we spoke with in the park told us they're glad the information is out there.

“I think putting fliers up is great especially when you have children you need to know these things,” Graham said.

The minimum penalty for killing a federally protected bird is a $500 fine, up to six months in jail, or both, under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

The NYS DEC says it's also a crime to damage a goose nest.

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