Westchester county man indicted in Saratoga Springs rape investigation

Yves B Philippe

UPDATE: The Saratoga County DA says that Yves Philppe has been indicted on rape, criminal sexual act and false personation.


SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Saratoga Springs Police Lt. Robert Jillson is calling this any parent's horror story.

“It's concerning. It's really scary,” Jillson said.

It started Friday, when a report came in about a missing 16-year-old girl. Police searched for hours. They say they found the girl alone in a downtown Saratoga Springs hotel room. Police say the teen was OK -- but the situation was not.

“He had said to her, 'How bout I come up to Saratoga to meet up with you?'” Jillson said.

Investigators say the girl had been with 21-year-old Yves Phillipe, a stranger she'd met on Instagram.

“Low and behold hard to believe he wasn’t actually who he said he was online,” Jillson said.

Phillipe was charged with rape after investigators say he and the teen had sexual relations. Police say he'd traveled more than 170 miles from Westchester County, first meeting the teen in Congress Park, before bringing her to the hotel.

“He traveled up here by bus to meet up with her,” Jillson said.

When Phillipe returned to the hotel Saturday morning, police say he gave officers a fake name, and claimed he was only 15. Police say their investigation revealed Phillipe and the teen had been communicating for about a month after exchanging numbers through social media, also interacting on Snapchat and Facebook.

Adam Dean is a cyber security expert with Grey Castle Security in Troy. He says there are many new apps that allow parents to monitor kids' online activity and block calls from potential predators.

“If the number is not mom or dad's, don’t allow it to come through,” Dean said.

Police say if the 16-year-old's parents hadn't called police, there's no telling how this situation could've ended. Since the suspect is from downstate, police don't believe there are other victims in the Capital Region. At last check, Philippe was booked into jail on bond.

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