Senior prank leads to repercussions in Hoosick Falls


HOOSICK FALLS -- "I'm horrified, I'm upset, I'm outraged," said Hoosick Falls resident Kristy Burdick.

It's a time when parents should be feeling proud, excited, and maybe even a little nostalgic -- preparing to see their children graduate and become adults. But an end of the year senior prank has tarnished some of that. Kristy Burdick says her daughter was involved along with dozens of other seniors.

"Senior pranks are done every year in every school. This is going overboard."

The school district would not discuss what the prank involved, but remnants of silly string still hang in the hallways.

Parents says the students were sent a letter with conditions they had to meet in order to still be allowed to graduate.

Burdick says her daughter met them all, but is now also being stripped of her hard-earned National Honor Society title.

"My daughter has been an honor student since 9th grade or even before. I do not want that taken away from her."

But Superintendent Kenneth Facin says the title is a privilege, not a right.

"There's an obligation for character, service, academics, and leadership, and with that comes a privilege and certain distinctions and that also involves an obligation of behavior," Facin explained.

Parents were also worried that the students' colleges were being contacted about the incident.

"We don't contact colleges. We did not contact colleges," Facin said.

Still, parents say the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

"To me, in a nutshell, this prank was nowhere near them trying to damage these kids' futures."

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