Sheriff's Office: Woman accused of not feeding animals on Berne property

Sheriff's Office: Woman accused of not feeding animals on Berne property (WRGB)

BERNE, NY (WRGB)---"It's really sad because our animals only have us, you know? They don't have anybody else," said Emily Vincent.

She choked back tears as she got a first look at the deplorable conditions dozens of animals were living in on a farm near hers in the town of Berne. As an animal owner and lover - Vincent says it's clear they were getting none of the things they need.

"They have to have food and water at all times. That's normal basic things that we need for ourselves. You want food and water and animals just want food and water and love," she explained.

After getting a tip, the Albany County Sheriff's office investigated and found dozens of horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs, a cat and a rabbit malnourished and living in filth.

"They had no hay, no feed, no water, their living conditions were pure mud. This garage behind us right here had numerous goats in it, some of which appear to be only five days old living in the dark surrounded by walls and a ceiling and again nothing on the floor but pure muck," said Senior Investigator J.T. Campbell.

The owner was arrested Wednesday night and charged with 8 counts of failure to provide sustenance. Vincent says she and her husband were sitting down to dinner when they heard what happened. They couldn't eat knowing there were starving animals a few miles away, so the couple and their friends stopped by to drop off food.

"Our animals are inhabitants of Berne as well, you know we all live here so it's up to us to take care of every living thing in Berne and in our community."

Officers are asking for help to feed the animals. If you'd like to donate food, contact the Albany County Sheriff's department.

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