State Police investigating racial slurs scrawled on couple's dream home

State Police investigating racial slurs scrawled on couple's dream home (WRGB)

ELIZAVILLE -- Ferdinando Iorfida set out to build a dream home in Columbia County with his girlfriend, Maureen.

This weekend, someone scrawled racial slurs on the side of their home.

Iorfida immediately thought of his girlfriend.

"Right now, I don't want her up here, because I am scared for her life,” he said.

Maureen's in New York City right now because Ferdinando didn't want her to see the hate speech in person.

"It makes me feel horrible. My stomach is nervous,” Maureen told CBS 6.

Right now, state troopers are trying to track down the culprits, and they're also asking for the public's help.

This area is very rural, and there aren't a lot of people.

Investigators want any witnesses--or even people who may have captured something on a trail camera—to give them a call.

Iorfida is even pledging a $5,000 reward, and neighbors are doing what they can to help.

"This is very upsetting. For me, for my friends, and all the neighbors. We all feel the same,” said Joseph Macri, who lives nearby.

Meanwhile, Maureen has a message for whoever did this.

"Maybe, he should come meet me and see the color of my skin doesn't mean anything,” she exclaimed.

Troopers tell CBS 6 whoever gets caught will likely be charged with a hate crime, considering the content.

Call New York State Police if you can help crack the case.

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