Suspect in brutal beating and sex assault of NYC tourist, captured

Keon Robinson

Authorities tell CBS 6 News, Keon Robinson was taken back to New York City, after U.S. Marshals and New York City Police captured him at a residence today in Schenectady.

28-year-old Robinson has been wanted for questioning in a violent robbery and sexual assault caught on surveillance video in Manhattan last Thursday.

Police say the video shows a 31-year-old German tourist struggling with a man for her purse, as he punches her over and over. The woman was knocked unconscious and lost several teeth.

The NYPD says the attacker cut his hand and left a trail of blood, which they say was a match to Robinson, a registered sex offender who'd just gotten out of prison. Police had released his photo hoping it would help to track him down.

An official from the U.S. Marshals Service told CBS 6’s Anne McCloy Robinson was brought into custody from a home in the 300 block of Craig Street around 9am Thursday. Authorities are not saying what led them to the home.

Two witnesses on Craig Street said they saw the arrest happen. We weren't able to speak with anyone at the residence.

The Marshals couldn't say what, if any connection, Robinson has to the Capital Region.

Police say Robinson is also a suspect in two other New York City robberies.

Robinson spent seven years behind bars after pleading guilty in a robbery and sex assault case nine years ago .

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