Tornado aftermath leaves homeowners shocked


BROADALBIN -- "It just happened so quick."

Michael Furman wasn't home Friday night when an EF1 tornado touched down right behind his house- - but he says he was shocked at the sight he came home to.

"It was something to see, never saw this before," Furman said.

Trees down behind his home and his in-laws', and pieces of the barn next door dropped on his garages.

"All the vehicles in the garages got destroyed, damaged, scrapes, dents in there," he said.

Just next door on Saturday morning were more downed trees, and a carport roof completely picked up and dropped on a neighbor's tree.

"It was like. What happened, I never saw anything like this before," resident Richard Lane said.

The carport belongs to Lane. He says he spent his morning trying to tidy up his yard.

"General cleanup, haven't talked with the insurance company yet so I'm not sure how far to go," Lane said.

Both Lane and Furman say they're waiting for the word from their insurance companies before they clean up completely -- but neither can recall a recent time when a storm wreaked this much havoc.

"There was a tornado up the road in 1930-something but that was a long time ago."

Lane tells us the threat of another storm in the near future worries him, but now he knows what could happen.

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