Two children shot, others injured in weekend shootings

Two children shot, others injured in weekend shootings (WRGB)

HUDSON, NY (WRGB) Hudson Police are working to track down the people behind two weekend shootings that injured four people, including two adults and two children.

The first happened Saturday night in Rope Alley. Hudson Police say a 28-year-old woman was shot in the shoulder when someone opened fire on a van with a child inside.

The very next night, police say a mom and two toddlers were shot at a home at 543 State St., where a gunman opened fire on a porch where a dozen people were sitting.

Police say a 2-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy were each struck in the leg.

Police say no one realize the little boy was shot for several hours, and investigators released a photo of a dime-sized bullet that was taken out of his knee.

CBS6 was at the police station Monday when one of the victims showed up. Police say the woman was standing on the porch with about a dozen people Sunday night when someone fired a hail of bullets. She was struck in the leg trying to protect one of the toddlers.

Hudson Police say the shootings are the result of an ongoing feud between two groups of people.

He won't call them gangs, but says both groups have been involved in drugs and crime, and have been fighting each other since May.

Investigators say the porch shooting was in retaliation for a drive-by shooting in Rope Alley, where a 28-year-old woman was struck in the shoulder.

Police say bullets struck the woman's van with a toddler in the back seat.

"I wouldn't classify them as gangs because that brings up Crips and Bloods, these are more factions that have had bad blood for many years," said Chief Edward Moore.

During Sunday night's shooting, police say officers were already at the State St. home near the porch knowing there could be some form of retaliation.

Police say the shooter fired shots at the porch from an alley, knowing police were waiting outside.

"An officer was standing right there," said Chief Moore.

Police say the shooters are so brazen, they care more about payback than getting caught.

Patrols have been increased in the area and police tell us they know who they're looking for, but are having trouble with their investigation because some eyewitnesses and victim's won't come forward with information out of fear.

The chief says information from people at the scene is critical to solving these cases.

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