Union passes no-confidence vote on UAlbany police chief

The union that represents the police officers on the UAlbany campus has unanimously passed a vote of no-confidence in the university's police chief and deputy chief.

ALBANY -- The union representing 1,200 state-employed police officers held a no-confidence vote in Albany Tuesday, against University at Albany Police Chief J. Frank Wiley, Deputy Chief Aran Mull and the university administration.

The union, which includes 36 University ant Albany Police Department officers, passing the motion unanimously.

According to the union, the vote comes after years of disputes between UAlbany Police with senior staff over safety issues, contract violations, retaliatory behavior, and sustained dysfunction and mismanagement.

"Today's unanimous, affirmative vote by our board is a clear signal that we no longer have any confidence that Chief Wiley and Deputy Chief Mull are suited for the positions they hold," said Dan De Federicis, PBA of NYS executive director and counsel. "Our members have tried to be reasonable with the university regarding the behavior and treatment of their police officers, but they have built and maintained a culture of retaliation, demeaning treatment, backstabbing, contract violations, and inconsistent policing and micro-management that we believe jeopardizes public safety."

Mike Parker, Associate Director of Communications at UAlbany, released the following statement: "The safety of our students, faculty and staff has been and will continue to be the top priority for the University Police Department. The university values the hard work and dedication of our officers, and we will continue to meet with them to discuss their concerns."

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