Police: Woman arrested for vandalism at new 9/11 memorial

Police: Woman arrested for vandalism at new 9/11 memorial (WRGB)

BALLSTON SPA , NY (WRGB)---After speaking at a 9/11 memorial dedication ceremony in Ballston Spa Monday, Gina Marozzi was shocked to learn the brand new park was vandalized that same night.

"Obviously upsetting, I was broken-hearted," she said.

Marozzi says DPW crews have washed most of it away, but she says words and a name were written in several spots with permanent marker.

Police confirm Diane Granberg has been arrested in connection to the incident - but would not comment further.

Marozzi says luckily, the two most important pieces of the park were untouched.

She says these two steel railroad lines are the very last pieces salvaged from debris below the twin towers - and Marozzi was part of the committee that brought them here to Ballston Spa.

"I can't even put it into words. We were so shocked at first but then it was awe, total awe," she said .

Marozzi says having these rails in her village is especially personal for her.

She says she does work with fire companies in New York City and lost close friends on that horrific day 16 years ago.

"One main firehouse that I work with lost their entire crew that day, 15 men."

And while she will certainly never forget, she hopes this park will ensure generations to come will remember, too.

"My goal is to keep the memory alive," she said.

Police say Granberg has been issued an appearance ticket and will face a judge in village court.

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