Woman who was on the boat in Lake George fatal crash testifies in court

WARREN COUNTY, NY (WRGB) The trial of the man accused of being behind the wheel of a boat involved in a crash that killed an 8 year old girl continued on Thursday.

Just before 10:00 am the jury was led into the courtroom. Cara Mia Canale, one of the passengers in the boat, took the stand.

The ADA asked her questions describing the incident, identifying West's boat, Canale described Log Bay Day as "a lot of drunk people in bathing suits".

Canale also admitted to doing cocaine with West, claiming that the cocaine came from West's wallet.

In court, Canale also was questioned about the group having dinner after docking at Bolton Landing in the early evening before the crash.

Canale testified in court that the group went back to the boat after dinner and West got in the drivers seat.

After the crash, the group said they docked at Tea Island and left the boat, Canale testified.

She testified that Albany police visited her that same morning.

Defense attorney Cheryl Coleman then began to ask her about Canale's plea deal to filing a false statement, with part of the agreement was to testify against West.

After a break, Coleman then grills Canale on her drug habits, at one point asking her"are you on drugs today?"

Canale said no.

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