You Paid For It: Tablets for the state assembly

ALBANY (WRGB) -- The New York State assembly has just spent some fairly big money on brand-new tablets for all its members.

$141,000 was spent, that's just under $1,000 dollars per member. Each gets a new Microsoft Surface-Pro Four complete with protective case and writing pen -- each carries the member's name.

They are in addition to the tablets already installed on every assembly members desk. it's a continuation of the effort to go digital but some members, like Steve McLaughlin of troy aren't happy about the expenditure -- McLaughlin is not taking his.

"Unnecessary, another waste of taxpayer money, I mean it's only a $140,000, I say only, that's still a lot of money. I'd rather see $140,000 going to buy school kids tablets or computes," Assemblyman McLuaglin said.

first year assembly member Mary Beth Walsh of Ballston also says she will not accept the new tablet.

McLaughlin says he thinks most members already have multiple devices, but he'd be fine with paying for some individual tablets if needed. I have not heard back from the assembly spokesperson.

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