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Removing unwanted hair permanently

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    Hate Shaving?

    If you're looking to permanently remove that unwanted hair, give us a call today! With the use of Photo Epilation or Electrolysis methods, Nolan's Electrolysis can complete a full clearing in just one session!

    If you are located in Albany, East Greenbush, Rensselaer or surrounding cities in Central New York, contact us to schedule a consultation.
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    Hair Removal & Anti Aging Services

    Photo Rejuvenation Facials (Photo Facials)

    Anti aging treatments available (age spot solar damage-removed)! Using IPL, Laser, Micro derm, plasma field generator, oxygen or vitamin treatments as case deems proper.

    We target the chromophores that are involved with the aging process to reduce the visible and many actual effects of aging. For example the age spots or solar lentigines are broken up and expelled from the body to actually reduce the damage inside the skin. Skin tightening is effectively accomplished by shortening the fat cells proteins and other tissues in the face. The anti wrinkle effect is accomplish by the growth of collagen (response to the light generated heat), and the skin tightening effect (like a natural face lift). A lifestyle changing event!

    Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Treatments

    Brazilian Bikini Hair Removal & Other Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Treatments

    Laser & IPL Permanent Hair Removal

    All areas (face, underarms, legs, arms, chest, abs, backs, glutes...)

    Non-Surgical Face Lifts & Laser Face Lifts

    Laser Hair Restoration & Laser Light Hair Therapy

    We perform low level-laser-light-based treatments using specific wavelengths and power levels that grow hair!


  • Which removal method is right for you ?

    • What's Right For You?

    Looking to remove some of that unwanted hair, but not sure what method is best? Take a look at the information on each method below to help you make your decision!

    Then, click here to view some before & after photos!

    Photo Epilation Compared to Electrolysis Laser, IPL & Needle Electrolysis

    • Electrolysis

    Electrolysis is applied by a probe or needle directly to each hair follicle one at a time, because of this the power levels can feel extraordinarily high, assuming the patient and his/her skin can take it. Electrolysis is an indirect application of power (electricity) to a needle to cause heat, then that heat is transferred to the hair. Keep in mind that with this process, only a small number of hairs can be removed in a reasonable period of time.

    With electrolysis, the color of the hair has little effect on the effectiveness of the treatment -- other than light hair being harder to see of course! However, if you have waxed or plucked hair in the past, you may have a large number of distorted follicles which can make it difficult for the needle to get to the root of the hair.

    Improvements in technology have made electrolysis almost obsolete. However, it is still a recommended method for removal of white hair as well as an adjunct treatment in specialized cases.

    Photo Epilation

    The biggest advantage of Photo Epilation is its ability to cover massive areas rather than picking out only the worst hairs to fit the treatment into a given time frame.

    We can usually accomplish a total clearing of an area in one appointment (larger areas like leg may still take 2 hours). The first treatment will kill between 9%-25% of the pigmented hairs and around 8%-15% on lighter colored hairs.

    On patients with light skin and darker hair, you can expect a 60%-90% reduction of hair in the course of 5-12 clearings. In cases with lighter hair and darker skin color, the treatment time will be a bit longer, but just as effective.

    One of the biggest advantages of Photo Epliation is that it is NOT dependent on the hair being at the surface. The hair must actually be very short, trimmed or shaved off. With this method, the hair is attacked under the surface of the skin, with no use of needles or invasive procedures.


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