Beyond the Games: Eddie Fyvie

Beyond the Games: Eddie Fyvie (WRGB)

NISKAYUNA, NY (WRGB)--25 years ago this week, a CBS6 camera was along for the ride as 5-year-old Eddie Fyvie drove to kindergarten in his little red corvette.

Fyvie's trendsetting ways were only just getting started.

He began practicing jiu-jitsu at age 11, long before any of his peers stepped onto the mat.

Now the owner of "Eddie Fyvie Jiu-Jitsu Academy" in Malta, the 30-year-old once again finds himself involved in another first.

This weekend, Fyvie is hosting the inaugural "Rickson Gracie Cup," bringing one of the most famous mixed martial artists to Albany.

The tournament is expected to bring in fighters from around the world, but Fyvie's goal is to grow the art right here at home.

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