Kari BealReporter

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School: Ithaca College

Hometown: Sherrill, NY

Kari Beal is an award-winning journalist who joined the CBS 6 team as a reporter in December 2015.

She's excited to be back in her home state of New York after spending two years in the deep south of Lafayette, Louisiana where she worked as a reporter for KATC TV 3. In her time there she got a swamp-load of Cajun culture, covering everything from alligators, to restoration of the gulf coast and Mardi Gras.

Kari was on the front lines when tragedy broke in Lafayette after an armed gunman opened fire in The Grand 16 movie theatre. She followed the story of two heroic sisters, one a paramedic and the other, a life guard, who put their lives at risk to save others.

During the legislative session in Louisiana Kari was the capital correspondent, traveling to Baton Rouge on a weekly basis to cover the new law proposals. Perhaps, one of the most notable bills she reported on was the passage of medical marijuana in 2015. Louisiana is one of the few states in the south to approve the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

In her free time Kari enjoys running, snowboarding, hiking and basically any other fun adventure outside.

Favorite quote: "Life is a garden, dig it" Joe Dirt