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Additive Manufacturing creates jobs in the Capital Region

NISKAYUNA -- It's the newest technology in manufacturing, and it's being done right here in the Capital Region. Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has been 20 years in the making, and today it's a reality.

Out of 21 locations in the nation, one is in our own backyards. Engineers at GE Global Research in Niskayuna are playing a major role in the development of this technology.

"We are developing materials that will go along with this process, trying to make sure that we get the reliable material properties that are required," Prabhjot Singh, Manager, Additive Manufacturing Lab, explains,

Additive Manufacturing is able to create more detail, and use different materials that were not possible in the past.

"Additive manufacturing is a great new technology, it's revolutionizing the way we make things. For years we made things out of forging and castings and then cut them up to the shapes that we want, now we can build up layer by layer, and it gives us fantastic control to make parts in a much faster way and make configurations we just couldn't make before," Senior Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer at General Electric tells us.

It all began in the medical industry, and means better more personalized care for patients.

"It showed that you could customize to the person it's used on prosthetic hips and knees, and the idea there isn't so it's mass production anymore it's really customizing to the individual," Jim Shear, engineer with the company, tells us.

We're told it could mean hundreds of jobs here in the Capital Region.

"Advanced manufacturing technology, which this is one, is enabling us to build new businesses, a good example of this is our battery business we're building nearby in Schenectady out of technology right here at GE Global Research this is coming to live, we're hiring workers, we've got a big factory, we're in the market this is very exciting," Little tells us.

Right now there is a contest for businesses or entrepreneurs to get involved and submit their designs to be made using this technology.

If you'd like more information on Additive Manufacturing visit or if you would like to enter your designs visit

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