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Search continues for Albany community gun, owner

ALBANY -- While a nine year-old boy recovers from an accidental gunshot wound, police are still investigating who the weapon may have belonged to, and where that weapon is. Anthony Chaney found the gun in a vacant lot on Orange Street. He has since been treated and released from the hospital.
The incident is raising serious concerns about gun violence in the Capital City.
"You don't realize some of these guns have hairpin triggers," said Pastor Charlie Muller, Victory Christian Church. "You don't realize a lot of the guns we take in are loaded."
Muller shows CBS6 two guns he's bought back off the streets in the last week's time.
Muller said he does get calls from kids who either have or found guns. "I had one kid come in and he had a 45 that was loaded. The safety was off and he just threw it down on the desk and he ran out."
The discovery of a gun by a nine year old boy teaches a lesson to young people who may find guns in places they could play, like an empty lot.
"It can be something we can learn from," Muller said. "Don't touch the guns."
It's unclear who this weapon may have belonged to, but Albany's Common Council president says security should target possible dumping grounds.
"With the fact that there being so many empty lots and they're growing day by day with the demolition of buildings due to fires recently we have to be more vigilant about making sure our communties are safe for all of our citizens especially our children," said Carolyn McLaughlin.
Anthony Chaney's accidental shooting conjures up memories of Kathina Thomas -- a ten year old girl killed by a stray bullet about five years ago. It came from a gun stored in a place familiar to people -- some of whom shared what is known as a "community gun." Police have not said whether this firearm was dropped by one person on the run or others who used it.
When asked if she believes community guns are still on Albany streets, McLaughlin said, "I would imagine they are. Gun violence hasn't gone away."
"Is it a reality that we want to see? No. But we have to deal with it," McLaughlin added.
Muller is offering a reward of $1,000 in gift cards to anyone who may turn in the gun used in Chaney's shooting.
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