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Fort Plain flood victims apply for state aid

FORT PLAIN -- The state could be the saving grace for residents in Fort Plain, still reeling after last months flooding. Sunday flood assistance teams deployed by Governor Cuomo were at the senior center accepting applications from those hardest hit. Dawn Lewis was one of the many that came out hoping to receive some of that assistance.

"I just couldn't believe all the mud and devastation in my apartment," she tells us.

Water rushed through Dawn's porch just a few weeks ago. She has renters insurance but it doesn't cover floods, now she's left with nothing and hoping the state can step in.

"I was glad someone was going to try to help us I mean when FEMA didn't come through I thought that's it, we're not going to have a home or the things we need."

Residents here are hoping for some of that 16 million dollars to recover damaged or destroyed property. Mayor Guy Barton is pleased with the states response, saying it was faster than after the floods in 2006. But still, according to the mayor 51 homes are condemned.

"Foundations are gone on many houses, the first floors are gone on many houses, some houses are gone completely," Barton tells us.

He joins the rest of the town hoping more money will come their way.

"I'm hoping the governor can expand more money to help us get more money to the people who need it, but this is a good start 4 million," he says.

The 2013 Upstate Flood Recovery Program was launched last week, and is intended to provide immediate recovery assistance to impacted homeowners, renters, business owners, and farmers in Herkimer, Madison, Montgomery, and Oneida counties. Those eligible will receive grants, subject to the documentation of flood-related damage and uninsured losses. Homeowners and renters may be eligible for up to $31,900 in assistance, and small business owners can be eligible for up to $50,000.

Representatives will be back out at the senior center in Fort Plain Monday and Tuesday, from 11am until 8pm.

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