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Emaciated pit bull discovered in Hudson

HUDSON -- It's being called one of the worst animal abuse cases in Columbia County in years.  We want to warn you -- the footage in this story is graphic.

A dog was found abandoned and described as nothing more than skin and bones.  Now, investigators are working to find who was supposed to care for the animal and they need your help!

The dog only weighed 25 pounds when it was found -- nearly a quarter of what its weight should be.  He's expected to recover -- but the police don't want someone getting away with this.

"This is the worst because the next step beyond this is deceased," said Hudson Animal Control Officer Wes Powell.

If two more days had gone by before a Hudson police officer found this dog in the early-morning hours, all alone by the train tracks right outside of town, the pit bull mix might not have made it to the Columbia Greene Humane Society.

"It was a rather desolate part of the city and they just came upon it they found it tied to a fence on a short leash," said Sgt. Anthony Moon, Hudson City Police Department.

With no tags and no collar, police essentially have no leads.  "It's hard for him to walk because he's so under-nourished," Powell said.  "His physical condition right now -- it's going to take some time to get some weight back on and bring him back."

This area where the dog is found isn't near anyone's home -- but it is near the train station and a place police routinely patrol for illicit activity.  It's believed the dog was mistreated for at least two months before someone brought him here. 

"He has not been taken care of in a long time but whoever tied him there -- someone knows something," Powell said.

"Without the public's assistance in cases of this nature we just have no way of identifying anybody to hold responsible," Sgt. Moon said.

The vet is checking out the dog tonight -- which we're told is eating and doing a lot better already.  Tips to the hudson city police department will be kept confidential.  Whoever is found responsible may spend one year in jail and $1,000 in fines.
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