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3 pet limit per household considered in Green Island

GREEN ISLAND -- A hearing is being held in Green Island on Monday night about a proposal that would limit the number of pets per household.
The Troy Record reports that Green Island Mayor Ellen McNulty said the proposal came about after a number of complaints have come in regarding dog waste on lawns in the community.
In an attempt to appease the complainants, McNulty said a three pet limit for every Green Island household could potentially curb the amount of waste and people not disposing of it properly.

"I think the town is trying to step in where they're not welcome," says dog owner, Christopher Brownell.

Pet owners are lashing out in Green Island, up in arms over a proposed statute that would limit each household to three animals.

The mayors office says it stems from an incident in which 10 pitbulls were being kept in a small residence. But the folks at Mohawk Hudson Humain Society say, by doing this it's hindering their mission of finding good homes for dogs and cats.

"It's also a problem for organizations like ours that are trying to place animals in loving homes, that may want to have more than three and can do a perfectly good job of taking care of them, as I myself do," says executive director, Brad Shear.

Some residents tells us, they wonder how this will be enforced. The mayors office assures us that it will be done through a complaint basis.

"Well I'll be honest with you, I don't assume that the police are going to have warrants and go into people's house searching for dogs and cats, however it will probably be complaint based or nuisance based or complaints that they received that they would act upon them," says Sean Ward, assistant to the mayor.

Critics complain officials aren't focusing on the real issue.

"If they're saying that people who have a lot of animals aren't caring for them properly then we have animal cruelty laws that should be enforced if the problem is having too many animals is a nuisance then we should look at passing laws that limit those nuisances, like maybe limit of barking," says Shear.

"In one way they want to make the town a better place to live, but in another way they are trying to limit the rights of those who do respect the village," Brownell adds.

The proposal would not impact people who already have more than three pets.
Violators would be charged $250.
The hearing is tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Center

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