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Drug called Molly found in Capital Region

The drug known as Molly among people who enjoy using it at musical events is a form of another drug - Ecstacy - that has been around for several years but has made headlines lately with the deaths of three young people in the last week. According to a spokesman for the Albany Police Department and to Sheriff Craig Apple, police officers have confiscated Molly during arrests in the Albany area.

"It's certainly a dangerous drug," says Steven Smith of the APD. "We would encourage people not to take it at all."

Smith says the drug can affect the body's ability to regulate temperature and can lead to dehydration, organ failure and death. It's name comes from the word "molecule". It is the active ingredient in Ecstacy, sometimes described as the "pure form" of Ecstacy. Health experts warns the powder should not be considered pure, partly because it can often be "cut" with other, sometimes dangerous substances.

As dangerous as Molly is, there is another drug in the region that may be causing more trouble: Heroin.

"It's probably the number one drug right now," says Sheriff Craig Apple. "People are using it, people are ODing on it, unfortunately at an extremely high rate. It's so prevalent that a lot of the ambulance squads now carry a drug called Narcan, which counteracts the effect of the heroin."




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