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Teen accused in Berkshire rape case currently out on bail

PITTSFIELD -- An accused teen rapist is currently free on bail.  Galileo Mondol, 17, went before a judge in Massachusetts to determine if he's a danger to society. Because his he has made bail, Mondol was released from jail.

The District Attorney's office wanted to keep Mondol in jail without bail.  He's accused along with two 16-year-old soccer players from the Boston area of assaulting younger teens with a broomstick at a sports camp in the Berkshires.

"According to victim no. 1's statement, he said that this defendant was trying to dissuade the other two co-defendants by saying, don't do it, you may get in trouble," said assistant district attorney Rachael Eramo.

But prosecutors say something changed in Mondol's mind.  Another statement made to police indicated he wanted to take part, after one freshman soccer player was already assaulted in a cabin at Camp Lenox in Otis.

"This defendant said according to victim number two, 'yo, let me try this,'" Eramo said of Mondol.

Mondol was quiet in court, with cuffs around his hands.  His co-defendants told the three victims to keep quiet, according to the Commonwealth, which argued Mondol should be kept in jail.

"Mr. Mondol was able to do these things that he did at a camp in front of other people with no regard as to who saw him, who might say something," Eramo said.

Defense attorney William Korman says his client's family will face significant hardship scraping together one hundred thousand dollars to bail Mondol out of jail -- the only defendant we're hearing about since the other two are sixteen years old.

"It's unfair that this seventeen year old, who's barely seventeen at that, his name is put out there -- his face is on television -- while the juvenile co-defendants, especially the ones who are far more culpable than him, get to hide behind that cloak of anonymity," Korman said.

The same statements from witnesses and victims prosecutors are using to prove Mondol's guilt, instead prove his lack of involvement for the defense.

"This isn't just a boy who's going to be found not guilty," Korman said.  "This is a person who's going to be found innocent.  He's going to be completely exonerated and we look forward for that day."

Mondol will be back in court in early October for a pre-trial hearing.   He will not be able to attend school.  He's also prohibited from having any contact with victims or witnesses and staying out past eleven o'clock at night.

Mondol also must surrender his passport to authorities.
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