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Schumer looks to close plastic gun "loophole"

WASHINGTON -- CBS6  -- US Senator Chuck Schumer says he would like to close a "loophole" in a federal law that bans the production of plastic guns invisible to metal detectors.

On Monday a federal law that bans the production of plastic guns, without any piece of metal attached, would expire. The law states a portion or piece of the gun must have a metal component. Under the current law the guns are being made, by 3D printers, but with the metal portions able to detach, said Schumer.

According to Schumer that is potentially dangerous as he believes the guns would be able to go through metal detectors, and security screens, without being noticed.

Schumer plans to introduce a bill that would close the loophole and force any homemade plastic gun, off a 3D printer, to have the metal piece permanently attached.

If the bill does not get approval then he will back a bill that extends the current ban, an aide said Monday.

President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Tom King, said Monday there are very few plastic guns in circulation because of cost and durability.

King said a plastic gun can only fire, at most, two rounds. Unlike the normal steel guns the plastic is not strong enough to produce and sustain the power.

"It is not going to take over for the gangs in the cities," King said. "They are not going to be going out and copying their guns because it is just not possible."


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