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Weather conditions creating more pot holes early on

SCHENECTADY -- It's the time of year, bumps in the road become normal for Capital Region drivers. Potholes form from water seeping beneath the pavement, then freezing again. But this year specifically, there has been more of that, and driver beware those bumps can really cost you.

"Typically when you hit a pot hole, it's going to throw the vehicle out of alignment. If you hit the pot hole in a certain way it's going to pinch the side wall of the tire and that could cause a blow-out and damage the wheel, you could bend a wheel, crack a rim," says Chris McCall, owner of Tire Warehouse on Union Street in Schenectady.

Some pot-holes aren't always visible. something the folks at Tire Warehouse say can be dangerous.

"If you're driving along and you don't see a pot-hole, especially if there's water in there and you hit that it's going to cause the vehicle to jar," says McCall.

It's this back and forth weather, from unseasonably warm temperatures this weekend to that polar freeze, that's been causing an increase in pot holes this year. It's bad news for us drivers, but good news for some local businesses.

"The weather has been worse, yes, so we're seeing an increase in business," McCall says.

Tire Warehouse also tells us that every year cars come in with pot hole damage, but typically they don't see an increase until spring. This year however, it's starting even earlier. They say the best thing you can do to keep your vehicle out of the shop, simply stay alert.

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