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Troy Police Release Radio Calls and 911 Transcripts from Bar Brawl

TROY -- Troy police released audio recordings of police during a scuffle with bar patrons over the weekend. They also released two 911 transcripts from Kokopellis when the fight first broke out.

Captain John Cooney from the Troy Police Department says, "There was indeed a chaotic situation present when our officers arrived at the scene."

Troy's Acting District Attorney, Aurther Glass says, "All facets and complaints of the night will be investigated. The situation is fluid as new evidence is acquired each day."

The new evidence corresponds with numerous police reports obtained by CBS6, but Pastor Willie Bacote from Missing Link Street Ministry says it's still not enough to convince him and others that the situation was handled the proper way.

"We'd have to look at and hear the 911 tapes. We haven't heard anything of that sort. This is something new to us," says Pastor Willie.

Captain Cooney says he continues to stand by his officers and their actions. He says the 43 second Facebook video does not represent the situation as it occurred, but it's the only evidence the public has seen.

At this time one complaint has been filed against the officers' conduct. The NY State Police are involved with this investigation.

911 Transcript:

Call received 2:37 am

911 where is your emergency?
Hi we need the Troy police at Kokopellis 124
Whats going on there?
Ah we got a bar fight goin on here
Inside the bar?
Its inside movin out
Okay, are there any weapons there or anything like that?
Uh someone got hit with a bottle (????) bottle
Do they need any ambulance or anything?
(Speaking to other persons) uh (????) you need an ambulance or anything?
No were good.
How many people are fighting?
Ahhh.. (????) more about a hundred
Okay whats your name?
 XXX, whats your telephone number?
Okay, were gonna get em right over there okay?

Call received 2:37 am

911 wheres your emergency?
Hey, um Im a bartender at Kokopellis, we need, um, a few cops down here we got like a ton of people fighting right now and our bouncers are getting punched in the face and everything
Inside or outside?
Eh inside
Whats your first name?
Uh whats that?
Your first name
Thank you well send em right down
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