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Shots fired at noon in protest of SAFE Act

GUILDERLAND -- Through rain and fog, the sound of shots fired reverberated through the air, all across the state. It's called the "shot heard around New York" and it's to mark one year since the passage of the Safe Act.

The Woodlawn Sportsman's Club in Guilderland was one of many taking part Saturday.

"Law abiding citizens do not commit crimes with firearms. Whether they own one or they own ten. Whether they own an assault riffle or a black riffle, or that they own just a single shot rifle," says Mike Sheedy, president of the club.

But just around the corner, a Thruway Rest-stop. Many travelers startled by the sound of gunshot, dozens of bullets, all fired when the clock stuck noon.

"We need to prove a point and this is our constitutional right and they can't take that away from us."

Hunter Morris is a third generation member of the Woodlawn Club. He says since the Safe Act, other members have joined forces.

"I'm well aware of the court rulings on the subject but I think it's important also that we continue to say that we're here and we're not going to give up on this."

"When this law was passed it created a panic, and ammunition disappeared of store shelves faster than you can see. That ammunition has not made it's return supply. We now have shooters complaining they can't come to shooting events simply because they can't find ammunition," says Sheedy. 

All protesters fired one single round at a safe target, and in a legal manner. As many as 150 thousand gun owners around the state decided to make their guns, and their voices heard.