Teen charged in 5-year-old cousin's murder

Teen charged in 5-year-old cousin's murder

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FDA proposes e-cigarette regulation

BURNT HILLS -- The Federal Drug Administration proposed regulations for electronic cigarettes Thursday. The FDA wants to ban sales to minors nationwide, ban free samples, require new labeling and disclose ingredients to consumers.

Currently, New York State bans e-cigarette sales to minors. Several counties have banned e-cigarettes in public buildings.

E-cigarette use has increased in recent years. Some smokers use them as an aid to stop smoking.

"I was struggling trying to quit and my friend told me about this and when i tried it out i was skeptical about it at first, if it would satisfy the cravings and what not, but it did, i haven't had a cigarettes since i really started doing this," said Mike Davidson as he shopped for an e-cigarette vapor.

Vapors come in a variety of flavors. Customers can customize the amount of nicotine based on how many traditional cigarettes they smoked.

"Regulations are good. You need to have some regulations especially when it comes to the liquids, where it's being made...is it in a lab, is it in a bottling plant, is it sanitary...there should be some regulation," said Amerivapers Smoke Shop Owner Leon Guilbeault..

Anti-tobacco activists said they were encouraged by the proposed regulation, but want the FDA to go further. Most vapors come in a range of flavors that some argue market to children.

"That's a tactic [flavoring] that's very attractive to kids. It's easier for them to start because it's less noxious. I remember having my first cigarette. I had to work at it, it was disgusting and I chocked and I gagged. These flavored sweet products make it easier for kids to use cigarettes for the first time," said Theresa Zubretsky with Capital District Tobacco-Free Coalition.

The FDA will accept public comment on the proposed regulations for 75 days after publication.  The FDA is also proposing regulations on cigars, hookahs, nicotine gels and pipe tobacco. There is no immediate timeline when the FDA will decide how to proceed.

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