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Investigation underway after suspicious red liquid is spotted flowing into Mohawk River

An investigation is now underway after a Scotia man walking in Maalwyck Park Tuesday finds a mysterious red liquid pouring from this pipeline into the Mohawk River. He says it was pouring out for at least an hour and a half.

"It was concerning to me," says William Relyea who spotted the liquid. 

Relyea has lived in Scotia his whole life, and frequents Maalwyck Park. he says, what he saw pouring out into the river was a first.

"You've never seen anything like this before? Nope never in my life. I knew it didn't look normal," he says.

So he sent our newsroom pictures of what he saw. You can see above, the amount of red liquid spewing out of the pipe. The Department of public works went in to investigate overnight.

"We actually went inside the pipe finding no red substance coming from the pipe. It was a clear water, but finding the residual on the bottom of the pipe but a red substance," says Tom Coppola, Commissioner of the Glenville Public Works. 

It wasn't until they saw our pictures that they knew something was not right. They tell is it's a storm water drain which is also a Department of Environmental Conservation permitted outfall. It's only permitted for clear water discharge. It's also for discharge from the Glenville Business and Technology Park across the street.

"It explained why the bottom of the pipe is red so that's why we need to do a further investigation to find out of we can find a source of this coming from the business technology park I don't think it's dangerous but I do think something was in that pipe at one time and we do need to find out," says Cappola. 

"I know some locals fish in the area, and I don't know if they eat what they catch. I know as a kid I used to swim in that river. So for anyone who fishes many swim in the river I'd hate for anything to happen to them," says Relyea. 

The Department of Public works is meeting with the DEC and the business park up the road to find out exactly what that substance was and whether or not it's harmful to the environment.

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