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Inceased police patrols in Troy a success

TROY -- In Troy, police are still on the hunt for the person(s) who opened fire outside Gino's Pizza on 4th Street last weekend. Still, no suspect is in handcuffs, and police say the search for information has been a struggle, because those who have the clues are remaining tight-lipped.

"There is a gang issue there and often what happens and what is happening in this case is the victims, the witnesses, the people who supply us with vital information are being totally uncooperative, they don't want to talk to the police, they feel like they can handle it within their factions and that's the worst form of justice, street justice, so we're working to get these people to see the light, talk to us and help us get some very dangerous people off the street," says Cpt. John Cooney. 

So, in the meantime, they're beefing up security. During the time of day where most problems arise, at least a dozen more police officers will be visible downtown.

"Over the last two nights disorder has gone down to virtually zero, we've actually been able to witness a few crimes in progress that we acted upon immediately. Quality of life crimes we made a few arrests along those lines so from our perspective and we hope from the perspective of the law abiding citizen, downtown Troy is a safer place because of this initiative,"says Cooney.

So, what's next for this initiative, police tell us they will evaluate the stats from this weekend, then decide if they want to expand coverage. It's something we're told is likely to happen from now on. Those who live and do business here say they feel safer.

"It's wonderful to have the officers drive by and stop by. It makes you think twice before doing anything foolish, and it's nice to know that they're out there for us," says Bob DeMeo, owner of DeMeo's Wine and Liquors.

"This is a heavily traveled area at night, and I know from being down here at night that being a female you don't want to get out of your car by yourself when you see a gang of people, because you don't know what's going to happen. It's a safety and security thing, so now that they're going to step up the police patrol I think it's a wonderful idea and will help bring more people back into Troy," adds Troy Resident, Nora Dwyer. 

Other businesses are on board with the increased police presence. Manory's, Flying Chicken, and I Love Pizza, all on 4th St. near where the incident took place say it's a welcome change. and they feel safer running their business.

Police are asking anyone with any information on the shooting of five people last weekend to come forward.

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